Anonymous said: Are the words in your doodles messages from a person to a person, or the animals to every person, including me? If you, or someone who requested the doodle, is telling a specific person they're good enough then it's not true for me, but if the dolphin is saying it, then it is?

When I pick the words, I always have one specific person in mind. For example, if they’re loving/cutesy words, they’re usually for Alex. It’s different when I draw requests, but as far as I can tell, most people who request something also have one specific person or a certain group of people in mind when they do. Unless I use the word “everyone”, I’m probably not talking to everyone. That said, something can be true for you even if I didn’t make it for you. If you can relate to one of my doodles or if you like it, then that’s still a nice thing even if that wasn’t my goal. 

"Dear Friends: please don’t consider joy a weakness. We’re all survivors in some way.”-Eyes To The Ground For Change by Listener.

"Dear Friends:
please don’t consider joy a weakness.
 We’re all survivors in some way.”
-Eyes To The Ground For Change by Listener.

I’m trying to find new blogs to follow and check out, so I was hoping you guys had some recommendations! My interests include art, comics, books, inspirational/motivational quotes, food, coffee, yoga, game of thrones, harry potter, adventure time, cute animals, math, coding, fashion, pretty people, interior design, makeup, and strange streams of consciousness. So yeah, what are blogs that you like? tell me tell me tell me tell me!!?

a peacock saying something uplifting requested by sktagg23

a peacock saying something uplifting requested by sktagg23

Anonymous said: Hey just wandering if you were interested in drawing something related to non-binary/genderqueer and other stuff regarding gender :)

Maybe? if someone has a request pertaining to gender issues / gender anything, they’re welcome to send it when I have requests open again (a.k.a. in a week). That said, I have no idea if I’ll be in the mood to deal with all the hate mail that I will invariably get if I make something pertaining to gender. Hate mail is just so boring. 

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