Anonymous said: Sorry if this is a weird question, (you guys are adorable by the way) I was just wondering what you meant by being queer but with a boyfriend? Of course I respect all of your decisions and youre an amazing person, im just curious <:

I am pansexual.

Anonymous said: You should totally put up a selfie of you and your boyfriend!


Anonymous said: Hi I'm really sorry you've probably answered this before but I'm looking through your posts and I don't know what kind of tablet you use and I would like to know THANK and btw I love you and your blog and I think you are awesome :)

Right now I’m just using a monoprice tablet, but I’ve also used a wacom bamboo create tablet and a wacom intuos 5 to make some of my past doodles, and they’re all good tablets, but there’s no real difference in quality between the wacom bamboo create and the monoprice despite the fact that the monoprice is considerably cheaper, so yeah if you’re going for a cheaper tablet, get a monoprice. If you really want amazing pressure sensitivity, then the intuos 5 is worth paying more.