If the thing you’re most proud of today is getting out of bed and making yourself breakfast then the thing I’m most proud of today is you.

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To all you troublemakers,

Winter Tangerine Review is open for submissions for our fourth volume! 

We accept evocative poetry, prose, short film, dramatic writing (SF and DW begin on August 1st), and visual art. We are a print publication that aims to publish work that ignites, electrifies, and invents. We consider previously unpublished work, but anything that’s appeared on Tumblr is okay with us too! After our fantastic first and second and third submission sessions, we are so excited to begin receiving your tremendous submissions! Contributors receive a free copy of the volume their work appears in and retain all copyrights. For more information and to submit, click here!

Submit your masterpieces! Submit your laundry lists! Submit your desires, your secrets, your lies! 

I’m looking forward to reading you.


Yasmin Belkhyr

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Anonymous said: That photoset from yesterday, are they all also posted separately? If so, could you post a link to the giraffe one? :')


I have 2400+ posts and I only started organizing them recently, so going back and finding a specific post is too much trouble, but here’s the doodle itself, so you can repost it on your blog if you want.

requested by confused—puppy

requested by confused—puppy

It’s that time of the year when I start being really excited for Fall and Halloween… a.k.a. all year long.

It’s that time of the year when I start being really excited for Fall and Halloween… a.k.a. all year long.


I’ve send this to the bodypositivity blogs I follow but I want to address this also to my followers - to you:

[…]I’m going to have an exhibition here in Germany in the next autumn about wanting to be perfect and the way out of the resulting self-destruction. I have some ideas but what I want are real storys, photos, quotes and thoughts.

Why did someone choose recovery? Where did he/she get help? Does he/she think that recovery is worth it? What does he/she like about his or herself?

I just have my own story but I have to fill 9-12m * 1m wall with a collage consisting of written, painted or photographed material. If you really want me to do a favour: Do you know where I can get those storys etc.?

You may answer me via e-mail: Mara555[a]

Love <3 

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