Anonymous said: can you draw a maroon octopus with a monocle

every now and then people send me requests and I’m like “requests are closed… but that sounds so fun to draw I MUST DRAW IT”

so yeah okay I’ll draw that tomorrow when I wake up but if anybody else asks, requests are still closed.

Anonymous said: What is your native language? You mentioned English as not your native language so I'm just curious.

french forever

nesuhsait said: I hate to ask this after you publish an ask like that but; I'm bigender and looking to officially get my name recognized by the law it would help me a lot with my disphoria/depression and if you could maybe direct people towards my blog? I have commissions open for $10CAN a character and I know I'll never be able to afford this change alone I... thank-you. For everything you do for everyone, I admire and respect you, thankyou for your time.

Best of luck with your name change and the commissions! 10$ is a great price.


so pleasestopbeingsad has a coloring book and today has been a very stressful/anxiety filled day so everytime i get sad/anxious i just grab the next page and start coloring. these are my favorite so far (im still in the cats/dogs section) but they have made me happy in a weird kind of way. 

I like the rainbow coloring for the book + the multicolored scarf. very fun! I’m happy to hear that my doodles are making you happy in a weird way. Weird happiness is great happiness.

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Anonymous said: If you could have a cat of any color, what color would you choose? ^^

This is my cat Inara. Everything about her is perfect*  including her coloring.

*except for the fact that she is basically made of pure evil.

cats requested by cherrynotes

cats requested by cherrynotes

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