Anonymous said: I would personally love to see your pinkish colored hair. Is there anyway we could get you to post a selfie?

no because my hair is horribly faded and it looks like something you’d use to wash dishes

but I’ll take a selfie next time I touch it up or change it (whichever I decide to do). 

Anonymous said: I'm sorry to bother you emm but I've always figured that there are a few things one can do to make sexual assault less likely, not impossible, not even improbable but just a bit less likely. I've always figured it's really terrible that people might be forced to consider such precautions. I don't even mean to suggest that a victim of sexual assault is in any way to blame for their assault, but all this talk about it makes me wonder if I'm wrong to assert that there can sometimes be precautions.

WARNING: This is long and it contains discussion of assault, rape, victim blaming, slut shaming, transphobia, transmisogyny and other awful things. If this is triggering for you, feel free to skip this post and go make yourself a nice cup of tea. Mint chocolate tea is especially nice.

You can take precautions against pretty much everything if you want, but that won’t stop bad things from happening to you and it won’t stop other people from doing bad things to you. For example, you can eat well, exercise, never smoke, make every good decision in the world, and still end up having cancer one day.

When you’re a cis woman, the precautions that you’re told to take if you don’t want to be assaulted are so many that it’s literally impossible to follow them. Seriously, here are some precautions women are told to take to avoid getting assaulted: don’t walk in certain places. Don’t walk at certain times. Don’t walk at any places at any time if nobody else is there with you. Don’t drink. Don’t spend time alone with close friends. Don’t spend time alone with anyone. Don’t trust anyone. Don’t have casual sex. Don’t refuse to have sex. Don’t wear certain clothes. Don’t wear headphones. Don’t have a certain body type. Don’t have a certain sexual orientation. Don’t be pretty because it will make people want you. Don’t be ugly because if you’re ugly, you should just be happy that someone is touching you. Don’t ever have any form of weakness. Don’t make mistakes. Speak louder. Don’t speak too loud. Don’t speak at all. Why aren’t you speaking out? * 

It gets even worse if you’re a trans woman (actually if you’re just not a cis person) because at that point people will flat out tell you that if you don’t want to be assaulted, you should literally not exist as you are in the world, and that’s a terrible thing to say, but it’s an even more terrible thing to believe.

Men are also told to act certain ways (although the precautions that they are told to take are fewer, but they’re still harmful and shitty) if they want to avoid assault. Be cis and don’t be asexual. You must want sex at all times. If you don’t, you’re lying and you should be punished for it. And so on. 

Also, I’ll remind you that many victims of sexual assault are soldiers. If people who are literally trained to be cautious and to know how to defend themselves can still be victims, so can everyone. 

It’s also worth noting that not everyone is capable of taking the same precautions. Not everyone is able-bodied. Not everyone is able-minded. Many people can’t defend themselves. Many people have spent their entire lives being told that they don’t have the right to defend themselves. 

I think the biggest “precaution” you can take is learn as much as you can about assault, abuse and things like that. A lot of people I know have stayed in terrible abusive relationships because they honestly didn’t know it was abuse, and they thought it was okay for someone to treat them that way, and it’s not. There are many misconceptions going on about assault, rape and abuse, and the sooner we can clear those, the sooner we can start informing people properly and providing them with the help that they deserve.

*Note: these are all things that were said to me in real life. They weren’t comments from random people trolling online. They were real comments made by real people who honestly believed them. 

Anonymous said: Can you teach me how to time manage, sine you say you're good at it? I'm a huge procrastinator and it almost physically hurts to try and make myself get work done. I'm scared that it's going to ruin my academical life. Please teach me your secrets, sensei.


I have no idea if this is actually going to be helpful because different people work better in different kinds of environment and maybe my best environment is not yours, but this is what I do:

1- wake up at the same (early) hour every day 
2- make 2 different schedules/plans: 
a “big picture” one where you keep information such as
all the major things you have to do, by when you’d like to be done, actual deadlines,  things you can cancel vs things you can’t cancel, etc.
and a “day to day” one where you just write down every week what you have to do every day that week, and then check and edit it every morning just to make sure it still applies
3- whenever you have a really big task to do, break it down in small steps and try to estimate how much it will take you to do each task
4- always overestimate how much time you need. I usually allow myself twice the amount of time I think something will actually take me.
5- never watch tv just to kill time or play video games just to kill time. Only do things because you genuinely enjoy doing them. Killing time is just wasting time.
6 - Don’t try to do everything at once. One thing at a time. 
7- Allow self break time, but respect break time. If the schedule says I have a break for 2 hours, then I have a break for 2 hours, not 2 hours and 5 minutes.
8- Never beat self up for failing to follow schedule. Instead try harder next time. Keep moving forward. 

I should also mention that my motivation comes from the fact that I’m lucky enough to love what I do as opposed to something of my own doing. I’m usually really excited about getting up and working because then I get to do awesome things. I wasn’t so good at time management back when I was in school and hated everything. In fact, I just procrastinated everything all the time. 

Anonymous said: Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favorite followers!

I’m too lazy to message people, so I’m just going to say that you should ALL do this because it’s nice and fun. 

I like to imagine that his front legs are made of candy corn

I like to imagine that his front legs are made of candy corn

requested by pegakitty

requested by pegakitty

Anonymous said: Is your hair actually blue? That'd be awesome

It was but then I dyed it black and then I dyed it red and then it faded so now it’s red/pink-ish and I’m debating if I want to just fix the red or dye it blue again or try purple.