My coffee got cold while I was busy being excited about everything

I use a lot of exclamation points! because I’m excited! about everything!

art! science! sexy people! farts that sound funny! singing along to disney movies! sweaters with really weird patterns! puns! medical advancements! making mistakes and learning! human kindness! rainy days spent reading and drinking tea! naps! more sexy people! with sexy butts! butts! yeah! I’M SO EXCITED! BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY COOL THINGS!

requested by syqyg

requested by syqyg

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Anonymous said: Is it possible to be depressed and not want to cut? I feel like I may have it but of course I could never self-diagnose, but I also feel like I may suffer from some common symptoms (i.e. lethargy, emptiness, etc.) I've never really had the desire to cut, though. Maybe it's because I'm afraid of pain, or maybe it's because sometimes I'd rather die in my sleep. What's your opinion?

Self-harm and depression are two different things. You can suffer from both at the same time, but it’s also possible to suffer from one without suffering from the other.

I don’t know if you have depression. What I do know is that you deserve help regardless of if you have depression or not. If possible, I’d recommend seeing a doctor or talking to someone about your symptoms.

Anonymous said: okay okay so this really isn't a drawing request more-so as a please help. there's this really uplifting comic about how "if you live (x) years, then you have (x) amount of times to perfect or master a hobby/pursuit so learn something new" and i was wondering if you or any of your followers knew the comic because i can't find it anywhere and it's really driving me up a wall. thank you so much if you do know the comic in question and i hope you have a really lovely day/night.

Is it this one? If not, I have no idea.