Anonymous said: What if everyone else seems to love things about me that I hate? I'm the only one who seems to think I'm hideous.

You’re not hideous. People are so beautiful. It’s amazing how many different colors can be found in someone’s skin, how freckles and scars form patterns on the body, how so many small lines and shapes come together to form a person, how hands move and how eyes sparkle when people speak or laugh, how everyone has a different way of standing, walking, being. 

In design, different kinds of lines are used to evoke different feelings. Sharp and jagged lines can evoke a sense of danger or even power. Smooth and curvy lines evoke a sense of peace, of harmony. If someone was to draw you exactly as you are, they’d have to use all kinds of lines. Isn’t that cool? If someone was to draw you, they’d have to represent power and peace and so many other great things. Color theory has so many things like that too! You have colors in your skin that remind people of happiness, of art, of love, of strength, of nature. You’re so beautiful.

The problem is that a big part of our society is built on making money, and people don’t make money from you knowing that you’re beautiful. They make money from you wanting to change yourself, so they feed you the idea that you have to look and be a certain way. That way, you’re more likely to pay to change or hide those things. And it’s perfectly normal to feel ugly in a world where so many things exist to make you feel that way. You just have to remember that it’s a feeling, not a fact. I’ve never met a person who didn’t feel ugly at least some of the time, but I’ve also never met a person who was ugly. What you feel is normal, I promise, but you aren’t hideous.

Plus, even if you weren’t beautiful (which you are), so what? I bet you make your friends laugh. You think a lot. You’ve said nice things to people that those people wouldn’t have heard if it hadn’t been for you. You’re unique, irreplaceable. You made it this far no matter how hard things got. You’re amazingly strong. There is so much to who you are, and it’s so much greater and more important than the way you look.

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